We’re not really sure how to start this page…

But Hi!! We’re Tina & Jason and this is our blog :)

Who Are We?

We’re a couple from Australia, Sydney to be specific, and we love to travel and record our adventures. We met back in 05 while working at IBM, and have been (pretty much) together ever since. We’re both web developers and run our own business which gives us the freedom to work from anywhere in the world with a decent wifi connection, which is most places these days (lucky us). 

From early on in our relationship we’ve loved travelling, it started out as small trips that gradually got bigger, to us eventually saving up and taking a year off to travel in 2013. Leading up to the trip we didn’t have a plan other than wanting to travel and see the world, but we were worried that we would get bored doing nothing but sight seeing for a year. 

Then about 6 months before we were ready to leave we got an idea that we both instantly fell in love with, to do a cycle touring trip! Even though neither of us had ridden a bike or camped in years we thought it sounded like the perfect combination of adventure and travel, and it was. 

But it was still missing one crucial ingredient, and it’s almost embarrassing to admit, but by the end of the cycle trip we both were craving the mental stimulation of work, which lead us to start thinking about how we can refine our travelling to get a balance of all the things that make us happy and tick all the boxes, like seeing new places, experiencing new things, adventure, good food, new people, physical activity, mental stimulation, stability.

So that brings us to how we’re doing things now, basically we’re bouncing around the world and doing stints of a month (or two or three) in different destinations that take our fancy. Our routine is pretty much the same as it would be if we were living back in Sydney, going for morning walks (or snowboarding when we’re at the snow), working weekdays, hitting the gym, going out for dinners, sight seeing and doing activities on weekends. The difference being that we get to do it in new surroundings every month or so, and we really get a feel for what it’s like to live in these places which works for us, and as we always say "whatever works" :-)

Tina and Jason