Thailand : Patong Beach for Thai New Year and a bit of R&R

It’s our 7th and final day in Patong Beach - Phuket, we came here for the Sonkran festival (Thai New Year) which is basically a massive water fight that goes for two days solid. We rode into town on the first day of the festival and were greeted several times by Thai kids waiting on corners with water guns and buckets filled with ice cold water, which was actually quite refreshing after the long ride.

Once we checked into our hotel we quickly armed ourselves and got out amongst the action, it was like nothing else we’ve experienced before, just complete mayhem with absolutely everybody getting involved, we hadn’t made it two steps out of our hotel before getting drenched. It was heaps of fun, but after two days in the war zone we were glad that it was over, free once again to wander the streets without fear of getting soaked.

The rest of our time in Phuket was spent relaxing, getting massages, exploring the island and eating and drinking with friends that were here from New Zealand (Gavin, Wii & Co.). Originally we’d only planned to stay for three days but extended it because we were having so much fun.

Today we’re heading to Bangkok for ten days to catch up on some work, we’ll be catching a bus, fingers crossed that they’ll let the bikes on board.

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