Our second first blog post

Recently we started looking through our photos and blog posts from our big bike trip back in 2013 and realised how nice it was that we’d recorded it. There were so many details that we had completely forgotten about until reading our stories, the memories came flooding back and we had a lot of fun reminiscing about the good times as well as the not so good times…

Because of this we’ve decided to start recording our adventures and other bits and pieces of our life again, it’s a bit daunting since neither of us are naturals at writing or being in front of a camera, but we want to do it for our future selves because we know they will appreciate it. You’re welcome future Tina and Jason :)

So here we go with our first blog post, for the second time. We might as well start with where we are now and what we’re doing. 

We’re both working remotely and don’t have kids so decided about a year ago to take advantage of the freedom and travel around from place to place. We usually spend at least 4 weeks in each place so the travel doesn’t wear us out too much and we can get a good feel for the area.

Since we packed up shop last year this has been our itinerary:

Ha Noi → Bangkok → London → Paris → Amsterdam → Venice → Barcelona → Mediterranean Cruise → Madrid → Bangkok → Sydney → Whistler Blackcomb → Caribbean Cruise → Orlando → Newtown → Surfers Paradise → Surry Hills

At the moment we’re staying on Adelaide St in Surry Hills, Sydney and will be here until the end of July 2019, it’s an Airbnb place which is pretty much all we stay in these days, except for the odd few days here and there visiting friends and family.

There’s still a lot of work to do to migrate all the photos and stuff from our old whateverworks website to our new wanderingwatmores site, plus catching up on writing about the places we’ve visited over the last year (before it all falls out of our heads!), as well as keeping up to date with what we’re doing now.

So stay tuned!

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