A typical day off in Seminyak, Bali

To give you a bit of background, we’re your typical Aussie Bali regulars, we’ve travelled here a bunch of times over the last 10 years, visiting at least once a year with different groups of friends and family as well as by ourselves, we even tied the knot here in 2012, basically we love the place :)

At the moment we’re in the final week of a 5 week stint of working remotely in Seminyak and thought it would be a good idea to record one of our favourite ways to spend a day off here. While we love doing all of the different touristy activities on offer in Bali, we also love spending a relaxing day moseying around town with a bit of brunch here, a bit of people watching there, coffee at the beach, stop for a massage, sunset dinner, maybe a glass or 2 (or 3 or 4) of vino …you know what we mean? 

So here it is, our last Saturday in Seminyak.

Morning Stroll

We love starting the day with a morning stroll and find that it’s best to get it done early before the streets are buzzing with traffic and the air is filled with exhaust fumes (and smoke from occasional burning garbage). It’s also a nice time to be out, the streets are empty which makes it easier for walking and the colours in the sky can be really pretty as the sun is rising. But it’s not all pretty at this time in the morning, the clean up from last night’s parties is yet to happen so the main drag can be a bit of a mess.

The local dogs all seem to be waking up at around the same time which can be entertaining, we’ve gotten to know some of them during our stay and even nicknamed the one “Mr Grumpy” for obvious reasons.

Hitting the Gym

We both enjoy training so our ideal day always includes some form of physical activity, so next on the agenda is a gym sesh. The gym we joined for our stint in Bali is the Daily Gym in Seminyak, it’s an old school open air gym that’s really nice with the weather at this time of year (August). It has everything you need for a good workout, it only cost 600K ($60 AUD) for the month for both of us, the guys that run the place are super friendly and it doesn’t seem to attract egos like some other gyms.

Time for Brunch

After a hard gym session we felt like rewarding ourselves with some tasty treats, there are heaps of options for a good brekky / brunch in Seminyak, but we decided to go with Ku De Ta this time because we hadn’t been here yet on this trip and felt like enjoying a view with our meal.

Taking Five at the Bean Bags

At the moment we’re learning French and our goal is to spend 30 mins a day studying with Duo Lingo, we’re currently on a 136 study streak and counting. We thought it’d be nice to clock up today’s half hour at our favourite bean bag beach bar, B9B (aka Blue 9 Beach) while sipping on a café au lait :)

Time to Unwind with Ranti

A day off in Bali wouldn’t be complete without a stop for a massage. Our favourite spa in Bali is Cool Spa, it’s far from the fanciest spa you’ll find, but for us it ticks all the right boxes. The masseuses are top notch, the rooms are nice and dark, and it’s a completely quiet space with no talking allowed (which is awesome!). We usually go for a 90 minute treatment, and even though we’re in Bali our favourite is a Thai massage. My (Tina’s) favourite masseuse is Ranti, she has magic hands.

An Aperitivo

With an hour or so before our dinner booking we thought we’d stop for a relaxed, post-massage nice glass of red and some people watching at Chandi.

Sunset Dinner

Seminyak is famous for it’s sunsets and the beach is dotted with bars and restaurants to enjoy the view. We booked front-row seats at the rooftop restaurant Moonlite, at the Anantara Hotel in Seminyak, which is also where we got married in 2012.

The weather was a little bit overcast but we still got a nice view of the sun setting while enjoying some tasty asian / indian fusion food. After dinner the band came on so we ordered a couple of drinks and sang along, the restaurant was (not surprisingly) filled with aussies so they played some classics like Land Down Under and Khe Sanh, a great way to end dinner.

Gelato is Always a Good Idea

Aint that the truth, how we always end our day off in Bali.

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