Our gym in Seminyak, The Daily Gym

I don’t know about you but where ever we are, training is always a part of our daily routine, even while we’re on holiday. So one of the first things we do when we get to a place or even sometimes before booking our accommodation is suss out what options we have. If we’re only in a place for a couple of days we usually make do with the equipment we pack with us (yoga mats, different strength mircrobands and a resistance band gym system) but if  we’re in a place for longer than a week or two we usually like to sign up to a gym for the duration of our stay.  

So we thought we would share our thoughts on the “Daily Gym”, the gym we used while in Bali for the last five weeks. 

It’s an open air gym spread across two levels, the first level has a boxing ring & boxing equipment, large bag and mat area, kettle bells & plyo boxes, and your standard cardio equipment (2 treadmills,  2 ellipticals, 1 bike and 1 rowing machine). They also have daily Muay Thai classes on this level. The second level is the weight section and has a pretty decent selection of equipment, a bunch of free weights, incline/decline benches, squat racks, bench press, roman chair, leg press, cable machines, and much more. 

Apart from the Daily Gym having everything we needed for a great workout, the gym being open aired really gave it a nice atmosphere for working out in, we loved looking out the windows between sets at the lush greenery surrounding the gym, and being cooled down by the refreshing breeze. The staff were also super friendly and the gym didn’t seem to have any egos like some other gyms we checked out in Seminyak. And they also sell protein powder and other supplements if you’re in need of that. 

Oh and did we mention it’s cheap, cause it is. It’s ridiculously cheap! For the both of us for the month it only cost 600K, which is around $60 (AUD). $60 for the month for the two of us, it still blows me away. 

So if you’re on holiday in Seminyak and looking for a great cheap gym, try the Daily Gym.  They're located on Petitenget right around the corner from Potato Head.

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