Living on the Road – October 2019 Monthly Wrap Up

Where were we?

All of October we lived in Bangkok, Thailand as part of a five week stint from 30 September – 9 November. We stayed in a tiny apartment near the Ploenchit skytrain station in a building called “The Nest”.

The apartment was tiny but had everything we needed, most importantly a comfy couch for watching movies and general vegging out which we enjoyed doing at the end of each day. It was also a nice reminder that all we need is a little cubby to call home and we’ll be happy :-)

We love spending time in Bangkok, it feels like a second home which is why we picked it for this chunk of time, we figured after a month of tours, sightseeing and activities in Cairns that we’d feel like somewhere familiar that we could have a few chilled weekends without too many plans.

What did we do?

Monday to Friday we had a pretty good schedgy going most of the time. To line up with Sydney time we worked 6am – 2pm each day, usually followed by about an hour of blogging, then our daily French study with Duo Lingo, we cracked 200 days straight this month which was pretty crazy (nous apprenons le français!). Then it was off our butts for a bit of activity to get the blood flowing, either the gym, some yoga or a walk through Lumphini park which was always buzzing with all sorts of activity from kick volleyball games to Chinese fan dancing to 80s style aerobics classes in the street that sometimes included hundreds of people, not to mention the giant monitor lizards lazily wandering around the place or fishing in the river. We spent most of our weekends just relaxing, strolling through the streets of Bangkok, going for massages, having long boozy lunches, catching the latest movies and really just having a good old time.

We caught up a few times with our good friends Mark and Ollie which was great fun and always feels like no time has passed no matter how long it’s been. And we found out they just got engaged after eight years of living in sin so we’re already looking forward to coming back again for the big wedding! (as if we needed an excuse!). In the past these catch ups have basically meant a guaranteed hangover for a couple of days afterwards and possibly a sicky from work, we can’t decide who’s influencing who more but things always tend to get out of hand after a couple of bevvies (the ultimate enabler) …However, I’m proud to say that this time, for the first time, we kept our promise to ourselves to take it easy and do things in moderation. Who knows maybe after almost 40 years on this earth we’re finally starting to grow up!

We also made it away a couple of times from the buzzing city to Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya. We spent a weekend in Kanchanaburi where we rode the Death Railway, walked over The Bridge on the River Kwai, visited the War Museums and took a journey back in time to the 18th century to experience old Thai culture at Mallika. If you want to find out more about our weekend in Kanchanaburi see our post here.  We did a day trip up to Ayutthaya Historical Park which holds the ruins of the old city. We couldn’t have picked a worse day to go, it was the King Bhumibol Adulyadej Memorial Day weekend and the trains were packed, we had to stand shoulder to shoulder the entire trip on a train without aircon on a 34°C day, it was a nightmare. If you want to find out more about our day in Ayutthaya see our post here.   

Things we’ll remember

Our fun chilled days down on Soi 8 which seemed to be where we spent a lot of our time on the weekends. It’s a buzzing side street off Sukhumvit that is your typical Bangkok Street with lots of spas & massage parlors, bars and restaurants. Years ago we stayed on this street and it had a great spa that gave awesome Thai massages, we were so happy to find that it was still there and the masseuses had gotten even better. So we would often head down around lunch time and get an hour & half Thai massage followed by a long boozy lunch at Viva, a really cool trendy open air bar / restaurant that had happy hour drinks all day and served up some pretty decent grub.

The long boozy lunches at the Royal Oak catching up with Mark & Ollie, eating, drinking and talking shit. Always a great time.

Welcoming back our reptile friends the monitor lizards at Lumphini Park, sadly most were removed back in 2016 but they seem to be building back up their numbers again, good on them I say, the park really wasn’t the same without them.

Our weekend trip away to Kanchanaburi was exactly what the doctor order. A little bit of culture, history, sightseeing, and R&R. It was definitely a trip that broaden our horizons and made us really appreciate the life we get to live.

Food home delivery, we went crazy with this. To get groceries delivered only cost $2 - $3 depending on what time of the day you wanted the delivery which totally beats carrying the weekly groceries and 20 litres of water home by foot.

Tonic on Food panda, our favourite takeaway in Bangkok, we literally lived on this the entire time we were in Bangkok. Their food is super healthy, fresh and its calorie counted. Just awesome!

What’s new and what’s changed

We finally reached the 200 day mark for our French lessons on Duolingo which meant we have upped our game and started doing 1 hour a day instead of 45 mins, it’s been hard but we are really starting to notice an improvement.

We’ve decided we now want to do longer 3 month stints in places over the 1 month stints we are currently doing, we hoping this will make us feel more settled and allow us to have normal weekends along with weekends where we are sightseeing and exploring the area.

We’re missing our family and friends so we plan on spending more time in Australia, so we’re thinking of doing at least 3 months in Sydney and 3 months in Brisbane every year with the other 6 months travelling abroad. This way we’ll get the best of both worlds – seeing the world and not missing out on time with family & friends.

Any Challenges

Mostly life was pretty great and really can’t complain, but there were a few things that we found challenging this month. 

Tina’s Challenges:

I injured my back yet again which creates a multitude of problems in itself. I can’t train which leads to not eating well which leads to me feeling like crap. At the moment I’m not feeling good about myself and I really want to change it, being on the road has made it hard to stay in shape and feel my best. I’ve also been struggling with my skin for the last year which is slowly coming right but it sure doesn’t help when you’re already feeling down about yourself. So this week I have been taking it easy and letting my back mend itself once and for all. I’ve also started being a little better with my food choices and have just accepted the fact that my skin is just gonna take time to heal itself. 

Keeping up with writing content for Wandering Watmores, easier said than done. We have so much we want to write about but always seem to procrastinate by finding other things to do like changing the look and feel of the blog, you know doing things that we’re good at and putting off the stuff that we’re not. Writing is hard period.

Our goals for the next month

Finish writing the back log of posts for Wandering Watmores – Kuranda, Fitzroy Island, Great Barrier Reef, Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi, Bangkok’s Green Lung, Cairns Itinerary and Skyroam.

Continue our French study @ 1 hour per day

Get back on track with exercise and eating well. As a wise man once said – ain’t nothing to it but to do it.

Finish the changes to the front end of the Wandering Watmores website.

Come up with a detailed plan of what needs to be done for the PBL product.

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