Living on the Road – November 2019 Monthly Wrap Up

November was a rollercoaster of a month, we had a packed schedule planned to fit in lots of catch ups with friends and family before heading off for the snow season, we knew it was gonna be busy with a lot of moving around but we were excited about seeing everyone.

Where were we?

The first week in November was the last week of our stint in Bangkok and the end of being settled in one place for a while. From there we bounced around different spots in Australia, starting with a couple of nights in North Sydney, followed by about a week in Minto, a quick stop in Rosebery, early Chrissy in Kooralbyn, a few nights of luxury on level 75 in Bris-vegas, then back to Minto.

After so much moving around we decided this is probably the last time we’ll do a month like this, packing up and moving every couple of days while working full time was tough, it usually takes us a bit to adjust to a new place with our sleeping patterns as well, so it took a toll on us physically and by the end we were pretty exhausted. On the positive side we did get to see a lot of family and friends in the short amount of time that we had back in Oz.

What did we do?

Enjoying our last week in BKK - We had a relaxed final week in Bangkok to wrap up our stay there, we caught up one last time with Mark at the Royal Oak for a few farewell drinks and laughs, but other than that it was business as usual, we were happy with the couple of new things we’d done on this trip in visiting Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya so were fine to finish off local and easy with a stroll or two in Lumphini and maybe a massage on Soi 8 but nothing more than that.

Back in North Sydney - Landed back in our old hood for the weekend and stayed at the Vibe Hotel just around the corner from our old cubby on Napier St. After 5 weeks in Bangkok one of the first things we noticed coming back was just how pristine and organised everything is in our beautiful city, especially with the purple Jacaranda trees in bloom everywhere, just lovely!

After settling in at the hotel, the first thing we did was of course go for lunch at our favourite Thai restaurant in Kirribilli, Thai Fusion :)

Tina caught up with the girls in the city while Jason went for a boys day at Gers’s new pad with Sam and Bambu to watch a boxing match.

Memory Lane in Minto House - It was interesting being back in Minto for a bit, we’d originally thought that we would be seeing Mum and Dad the whole time but as it worked out they had a cruise booked at the same time so we only got to see them for the first couple of days before they headed off. All the same I enjoyed being back in my childhood home for a little while and taking walks around the town I grew up in, everywhere I looked I could see myself as a little kid or teenager, at the primary school, the high school, the mall, every corner was packed with memories of different parts of my early life. I’ve always liked the bittersweet nostalgic feeling of strolling down memory lane, and that’s pretty much every lane in this place.

A quick stop in Rosebery - Without having Mum & Dad with us in Minto we decided to cut the stay a little short to have the convenience of being close to the city again, we had a couple of doctor appointments in Waterloo so we booked a little studio last minute down the road near Green Square station. It was only a few days but reminded us how much we like the hustle and bustle of city life and having everything on your doorstep, we like the idea of having a country home one day but also wonder if we can give up being “amongst it” for very long, I guess time will tell…

Early Chrissy in Kooralbyn - We flew up to Queensland for an early Xmas in Kooralbyn with Val, Clive, Shaun, Nicki and the kids, as far as they knew it’d be the last time they’d be seeing us for a while because nobody knew that we were going to surprise them in Chamonix. They thought we were going back to Whistler again for the season and hopefully our cover wasn’t blown by a few little hiccups made by Tina over the few days (e.g. “like when we booked Cham…” & “Yes! the Euro dropped!” lol).

A couple of other highlights were a water fight with the kids and teaching Ethan a few choice French words to help them out on their trip next month.

Level 75 in the Skytower Bris Vegas - Tina sneakily booked us a fancy apartment on the 75th floor of the Skytower in Bris Vegas for our last few days up here. It was a pretty awesome place to work and look out over the city and river, we went out once during the day for lunch and a walk through the botanical gardens, but other than that we enjoyed our awesome shindigs.

Ending the month on a positive note - And just like that we’re back in Sydney! We flew back in the afternoon and drove out to Gers’ new place for a quick catchup with him and the Scuds, then it was out to Minto for a few more days to spend time with Mum & Dad.

Looking back over these monthly wrap ups reminds us of why we’re doing them, we’re pretty forgetful at the best of times so with all this bouncing around there’s no chance we’d remember half this stuff without writing it down. The next few months shouldn’t be so crazy though, once we’re settled in Chamonix from 10 December things should be more settled and easier to keep track of.

Things we’ll remember

The fire season in Australia revved up in November, it seemed there were (and still are) fires everywhere, we’d never seen Sydney and Brisbane covered in so much smoke for so long, there was literally ash falling from the sky and it looked like the scene from a post-apocalyptic movie. We were also worried about Shaun who spent most of the month on the front lines as a volunteer fire-fighter.

The constant pack-up, move, un-pack dance that we went through for the month.

What’s new and what’s changed

With the constant moving the wheels fell off a bit with our French study, we managed to keep our daily streak going but were far from the 1 hour a day goal, it was probably closer to 15 mins. By the end of the month we adjusted our goal back to a more realistic 30 mins a day. Bon courage!

Any Challenges

Moving lots + working === Challenging;

Our goals for the next month

We still want to continue with our goals from last month as we didn’t manage to hit many of them this month…

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